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Although Blue Roots formally originated in 1997, the origin of the band actually goes back to 1985 when Guitarist, Carlos DeJesus and Bassist, Paul Bassi joined up with Guitarist, Steve Mantegna.  Between 1985 and 1997, these three founding members spent countless hours in the studio having fun while honing their sound which now is the basis of the band.  During those years, there were scattered appearances on Long Island and New York City under the band name "Not Necessarily the Blues".

The material that the band incorporates into their shows is varied, bringing together the different experiences of Carlos, Paul and Steve and making it one.  The one ingredient that was evident and clearly in common was the love of The Blues.  Whether it was Allman Brothers or Hank Williams that was being covered, it was clear that Blues was at the root, hence the namesake, Blue Roots.

In 1997, Blue Roots took its act on the road and began regularly booking dates primarily on Long Island.  Their sound was based on the dueling guitars and improvisational jams.  With their wide selection of tunes, Blue Roots prides themselves on keeping their audience on their toes and wondering what will be played next.  Due to the induction of different material from the founding members, the tune selection is sometimes obscure and not necessarily well known, allowing the listener to be introduced to new music worth knowing about.

In the year 2000, long time friend and drummer Chris Candida joined the band.  Chris, like Steve, spent a great deal of time with Carlos and Paul in the studio.  It is again, this long term friendship and musical experience together that ultimately became an investment that paid off in the form of a really tight band.  Later that year, Tru joined the band on keyboards which totally rounded out the sound of the band and gave it even more variety.  Finally, the most recent member of the band, Scott Micciche joined the band on Harmonica making the blues line-up complete.

In the summer of 2003, overcoming all sorts of obstacles in production, the band released its debut, self titled album.  It contains a great sampling of the variety of music to expect from this band as well as new originals.  The album has been really well received and they are now working on its promotion.

Blue Roots is not a band to miss.  They bring a special attitude and energy to every show that is simply contagious.  They approach every show as if it was their first, with freshness and feeling that will turn you into a Blue Roots Fan.


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